Friday, April 3, 2009

Slique - "Your Body" REMIX

Slique describes his music as Rhythm and Ghetto Soul, an apt explanation for the uniquely talented vocalist, songwriter and performer. “My music is R&B but I call it R&G because I’m from the ghetto. It’s very soulful and I can play with it a little.”

The Chicago native was raised in a family of musicians and found that writing songs came naturally to him. At the age of three Slique was hauling around a Fisher Price record player. By 13 Slique was chopping up songs to create unique instrumental tracks that he’d rap or sing over. Soon he found himself writing, arranging and producing for artists like Entourage, Cherish, and Strong. He perfected his unique ability to emotionally connect with his audience opening for artists such as Brian McKnight, Floeetry, R. Kelly, Jaheim, and Tyrese.

Slique’s music reflects his unique outlook on life; relationships are a predominant theme. He sings about the experience of falling in love and then falling out or, occasionally, being kicked out. The single “Your Body” was the result of a stroke of inspiration while playing around with chords in the studio. He turned on the mic, came up with a whole Marvin Gaye vibe and let the lyrics flow. “Your Body” recently hit #1 on Billboard Magazine’s Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart.

“I’m working on something and to see it come into existence is great. I’m going to continue to be Slique. Hopefully people will appreciate that.”- Slique

Slique - "Your Body" REMIX(Listen NOW)

Shout out to C.Nicole!

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