Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jacki-O - "Lil Red Riding Hood" Album Cover

1. Skit
2. Picture Perfect - prod. by 2Saint/Deuce Productionz
3. Change Gone Come - prod. by Bangah
4. She Wanna Be a Strippa - prod. by Freedom
5. If I Had a Son - prod. by Freedom
6. Baby Mama - prod. by Bangah
7. On My Block - prod. by Tony Kelly
8. Fuk With Me - prod. by 2Saint/Deuce Productionz
9. Situations - prod. by Dean
10. I Got Yo Boyfriend - prod. by Bangah
11. F*ck Ni**a - prod. by Jacki-O
12. Take Me Higher - prod. by Jason Farmer
13 Turning Headz - prod. by Gotta Shine Productions
*All songs written by Jacki-O, except "Fuk With Me" co-written by C-Murder, "Situations" co-written by Kevin, "Take My Higher" co-written by Kevin and Kymani Marley, "Turning Heads" co-written by Bright Eye
"Baby Mama" on Imeem:

Album in stores February 24, 2009 (Jackmove/Gracie/EMI)

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