Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dr. A&R WORLD Exclusive: Tiffany Villarreal - "Almos Naked 2"

TIFFANY Villarreal - A Triple Threat: talent, brains and beauty. This complete combination is not always common place in today's entertainment industry. In fact, with all the haphazardly manufactured and pre-fabricated artists popping up, chances are slim that a true talent will blossom. But an in depth look in the right place will reveal that she is out there and ready to embrace the world. Tiffany is also featured on Flo Rida's hit single "In The Ayer".

Tiffany Villarreal - "Almos Naked 2"(Listen NOW)
Produced by Focus
Written by Tiff V & Ne-Yo

You Heard It HERE First! Dr. A&R Exclusive!


  1. Homie please check your email I have a question for you!

  2. This song Actually sounds a lot like Nivea ( . tiffany confirmed it was not her on her myspace =)