Monday, August 11, 2008

Dr. A&R Does Rock'n'Roll: Sankofa - "More"

"LOUD noise, loud rock, loud soul, loud spirit, and loud blues for loud lives" In the current desolate rock landscape, its very easy to blend in, but New York City's own Sankofa refuses to run with the rest of the pack. With a blistering two guitar attack, pummeling yet enticingly danceable beats and bass, and soulful singing that conveys a lifetime of emotion, their edgy take on rock is something not easily forgotten. Sporting a wide variety of influences from Bloc Party, Junior Kimbrough, to U2, Sankofa wears its influences on its sleeves. "We all come from a diverse background, some of us are into indie rock, hard rock, classic rock, soul, or modern R&B. What makes us unique is how we are able to still come up with a sound that's reminds you of those things, but with a twist that's distinct, new and exciting" says Darrin, the charismatic frontman of the band. Sankofa formed in the summer of 2006 as a young group of friends in Brooklyn. Amid the multicultural landscape of their home borough, they crafted their uniquely urban tinged take on rock music strictly out of the urge to make music for music's sake.

Sankofa- More ft Lakana(Listen NOW)
Sankofa-Pass By(Listen NOW)-HOT!!

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