Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dr. A&R Breaks Records: Mel Buckley - "Let's Make Love"

THE modern day R&B version of Slick Rick, Mel Buckley paints vivid pictures and intense story lines throughout his music. Through his passion for music, Mel refuses to give into quick sell and gimmicks. Mel Buckley is dedicated to bringing real R&B back to music. One listen to his voice, will give you chills and projects the images of your imaginations.

Mel caught the attention of many industry movers and shakers including James Mark CEO of Unyted Records, an independent Las Vegas based record label. Mel has worked with J. Praize (producer of Multi-Platinum Records – “Wanksta” by 50 Cent) and songwriters, The Office (Brian Michael Cox, Black Baby Inc.)

Mel Buckley's debut album – “All I Want is You” is set to be released January 2009.

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  1. That song is crazy! Stap up cause Mel is on his way! Good luck